A.P.P.S.A.S.A.P. is an Erasmus+ project, coordinated by Italy, in cooperation with Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia, and Romania. Aware of the importance that being digital competent is not an option, as it is not an option to know how to read, write and count, but a permanent modality of our society, we want to make learning more attractive, through the use of digital technologies. Without digital competence, in fact, the individual risks being excluded not only from the working world, but from the whole society, since all citizens must now interact with a digitalized society in everyday situations, they must compete with online shopping, with smart mobility systems and banking services.

The present is already digital and we are in an emergency and just for this reason that our project wants to enhance, promote, challenge this revolution, encouraging teachers and students and all the staff in the ICT sector, making them compare with other geographical and cultural realities, to learn from each others.

This Project is expected to bring positive and long- lasting effects because we need more and moretechnology “to survive”. It is also assumed that the digital competence fosters greater understanding and response to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, fosters an active participation in society, contributes to a positive attitude towards future European projects, improves employment, increases opportunities for professional development and motivation and satisfaction in daily work.

Through the linguistic training of the teachers and students we intend to cooperate with partners from other countries improving the quality of preparation, implementation, monitoring, management and the follow-up of future European international projects.

We also think to develop and strengthen networks, to increase our skills to operate at European level, share and discuss ideas, practices and cooperative methods. With mobility we want to improve the professional and linguistic skills of all the staff through direct comparison with other partners, encourage students' multilingualism to create further projects and connections and get new experience which we cannot get at our home country such as studying and visiting different Institutions and establish good networks among participants as a basis for future projects.

This project should be funded to invest in the work of those who already operate in the school every day but substantially need to improve their digital skills, to enhance a system for which access to the web, content and services will become simple, secure and sustainable.



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